Yes, please make sure to remove all external packaging prior to cooking the product. Believe us, you wouldn't like the taste of packaging!

If my food arrives partially thawed, are they still good?

Yes, your food will still be good as long as the product feels cool to the touch. The quality is not diminished, and because we seal our food in Cryovac, you can refrigerate or refreeze until you are ready to eat them. Lobster tails, fish and chicken should not be refrozen. But as long as they arrive cool to the touch, they can be put in the refrigerator to be eaten within 7 days. Crabcakes can be refrozen if they arrive thawed, as long as they are cool to the touch. If any product arrives warm to the touch, contact Customer Service immediately.

What methods of payment does GFA accept?
What payment methods does GFA accept?